5 Biggest Red Flags When Buying “Quality Yarns”

Hooks & Needles

Ever wondered why some crafting projects look like this: 

Hooks & Needles

While others look like this:

Hooks & Needles

The big reveal? It's often about the yarn!

Here are 5 simple ways to tell good yarn from the bad.

1. It's Not About Your Skills

Hooks & Needles

Have you ever thought yarn crafting isn't your thing because you're struggling? 

Think again!

If your projects don't fit well, look lackluster after washing, or just feel like a waste of time, the real issue usually lies in the quality of the yarn. 

Even seasoned crafters can't spin magic with poor materials.

If your yarn is not working for you, then it's time to ditch the supplier! 

2. Always Check for the Red Flags

Hooks & Needles

​​When selecting yarn, keep an eye out for these signs of poor quality:

🚩Inconsistent Dye Quality: Watch out for uneven, dull colors or colors that fade quickly. These are signs of low-quality dyeing.

🚩🚩Vague Labels: A simple "100% wool" without specifics can be misleading. Top-notch yarns specify their type, like "100% Merino Wool", ensuring you know exactly what you're getting.

🚩🚩🚩 Shedding or Pilling: Seeing loose fibers or pills? This indicates lower quality, impacting your project's look and feel.

3. Pricey Doesn't Always Mean Perfect!

Hooks & Needles

In the world of yarn, finding top-notch quality without the hefty price tag is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Most high-end yarns come with prices that stretch your wallet.

While more affordable options come with poor quality and a heap of problems.

This leaves you with 2 choices…

❌ Do I buy cheap skeins with a bunch of issues?

❌ Do I buy high-end yarns for a premium price?

Or is there a place where you can get luxury skeins at a bargain? 👀

4. It's Not Just the Blend, It's the Process

Hooks & Needles

That itchy feeling from your knitted scarf?

It's not just about wool being wool. It's about how the yarn is made. 

Quality yarns, especially those from artisan makers, focus on gentle processes that keep itchiness at bay. 

On the other hand, lower-quality yarns are processed with harsh chemicals.

5. Variety Doesn't Equal Quality

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Think a massive variety of yarns equals quality? 

Here's a twist: sometimes, the best yarns come from makers who focus on just a few types.

These artisans often deliver higher quality than big companies juggling dozens of types!

Great crafting starts with the suppliers.

Their love for quality shows in every stitch you knit!

Reviews Can Tell You A Lot!

Hooks & Needles

Don't overlook the power of reviews. 

We have one place that's trusted and rated 4.8/5 by THOUSANDS of crafters worldwide.

Meet Hooks & Needles Monthly Kit

Hooks & Needles

Hooks & Needles is a monthly crafting kit that sends premium yarns from Italy & Portugal right to your doorstep. 

They are sourcing their skeins directly from artisans & their workshops, ensuring you get only the best at the fraction of the retail price. 

But it's not just about where the yarn comes from…

Hooks & Needles ensures that each skein is tested and proven to maintain its color and texture, even after 30+ washes. 

What’s inside the kit: 

2-4 High-quality skeins like 100% Merino wool, Alpaca, silk & more.
Premium crafting supplies like needles, hooks, markers, patterns & more.
New and exciting projects for all skill levels every month.
Monthly surprises to show we genuinely care.

Plus, you’ll join a community of 5k+ crafters who LOVE what they do.

Take A Peek Into The Yarn You’re Getting

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What Makes Hooks & Needles So Special?

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