Project #2

Cozy Octopus Toy
Please note that the yarn color shown in the instructional photos may vary from the color included in your box.


∙ One skein of Sunset Hues yarn
∙ 1 US size 6 (4mm) knitting needles ∙ Sewing needle
∙ Ruler
∙ Scissors
∙ Eyes
∙ Fiberfill

Stitches uses / abbreviations:

∙ K – knit
∙ P – purl
∙ Kfb – knit front and back
∙ K2tog – knit two together
∙ Sl- slip
∙ Cast off
∙ Cast on



Casting on the stitches

Cast on 30 sts.

K all stitches in the 1st row and p all stitches in the 2nd row. Repeat k and p rows till the body of the octopus reaches approximately 6 inches.

Do not cast off the stitches. Cut
the yarn and leave approximately 20 inches of yarn. Use a sewing needle with this yarn and slide the loops into it. Pull the yarn and secure the pulled project by making several knots into the stitches. Continue sewing the side of the body on the wrong side.

When you finish sewing, turn the project inside out and attach eyes. Secure the eyes from the behind.

Staff the body of the octopus with polyfill.

Fold the project as shown on the photo below. Take the yarn that we used to sew the body of the octopus, use the sewing needle, insert it in and out of the folded edge and the project loosely, pull the yarn and make the neck for the octopus. Do not cut the yarn, we will adjust the neck of the octopus after sewing the legs into it.


Cast on 31 stitches.

Row3 1,3,5

Sl 1st st, k all stitches.

Rows 2,4

Sl 1st st, p all stitches.

Row 6 – bobble row

Sl 1st st.

*Kfb 2 times in the same st (you will knit 4 loops into the same st).

Turn the project around and p4.

Turn the project around and k2tog, sl1, k1, pull the slipped st over the next stitch, pull the first stitch over the second stitch, k3.

Repeat *this pattern till the end of the row.

Row 7, 9,

11 Sl 1st st, k all stitches.

Row 8, 10

Sl 1st st, p all stitches.

Cast off.

Cut the yarn off but leave approximately a 15 inch tail to sew the legs. Fold the leg from
the wrong side and sew the edges stitch by stitch. Before you reach the tip of the leg, stop sewing, turn the project inside out. Staff it slightly with polyfill and finish sewing the edges.

Sew the legs into the back side of the head one by one.

When you finish sewing the legs, take the yarn that we used to sew the neck of the octo- pus and pull it. Make several knots into the stitches with extra yarn, weave yarn in and out of the project and cut it.

In case the pull of the neck yarn did not close the bottom of the project, use a sewing needle and sew the opening. Secure the yarn and cut it.