I Spent the Whole Year Crocheting…

Hooks & Needles

In 2023, I made an unconventional choice: I swapped money for yarn and it changed my life

The Day I Melted Hearts in the Local Hospital

Hooks & Needles

It was a month ago that I walked into the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, arms full with hats, scarves, and blankets, my heart was racing. 

I was nervous, unsure of the reception I'd receive. 

But the moment the children and their parents saw the gifts, their reactions were priceless. 

Smiles lit up their faces, and their eyes sparkled with excitement. Just imagine 100 children giving me the biggest hug in the whole world!

This is when I saw the true impact of my humble efforts.

But let me tell you how it all started…

The Gift That Started It All

Hooks & Needles

Last Christmas my daughter handed me a gift that would unexpectedly change my life – the Hooks & Needles crocheting kit.

With a knowing smile, she said, "Mom, you need a hobby, something just for you." 

She knew my days were becoming monotonous since I had recently retired.

Little did I know, this simple gift would give me purpose and the biggest challenge of my life…

From Zero to Hero: My First Crafting Adventure!

Hooks & Needles

My first project was small and simple, and I want to be honest: it turned out so much better than I had thought!

When I grabbed those hooks, I was uncertain and kept doubting myself: how could I crochet with zero knowledge?  

But let me tell you, learning was so easy and fun!

As the days passed, I found myself absorbed in the rhythm of the needles, the yarn slipping through my fingers. 

It was therapeutic, almost meditative. 

Every box became progressively more challenging, allowing me to experiment with many different patterns and textures. 

Before I knew it, I was crocheting with a confidence I hadn't known I possessed.


The Surprising Impact of My Handmade Gifts

Hooks & Needles

As I continued to improve, I started to share my creations with friends and family. 

The joy on their faces when they received something handmade, something crafted with love, was priceless.

It made all the effort worthwhile!

And this is how my boldest idea yet was born... 

One Woman, One Mission: 100 Gifts for Hospitalized Kids

Hooks & Needles

What if I used my newfound passion to spread joy, not only to my loved ones but to people in need? 

You see, I was already crocheting every evening, it was my little self-care routine. 

I was making all sorts of things without even realizing it! And let me know, all my loved ones already had so many gifts!

This is when it hit me: Why not make 100 gifts for the kids in the local hospital?

All of a sudden, my life was filled with purpose! 

Why The Hooks & Needles Kit Was a Game-Changer for Me

Hooks & Needles

As I already told you, I picked up crocheting super fast.

But it was not my talent, or devotion that made all the difference – Hooks & Needles kit was a blessing!

When I opened the box, it was love at first sight…

It was full of gorgeous yarns, handy hooks, and step-by-step instructions that even a newbie like me could understand and follow.

I could tell from the first moment how much effort and love they put into every kit. 

They even include a 30-page magazine full of inspiration, articles, and so much useful advice!

It turns out that my daughter really did her research – crocheters are obsessed with Hooks & Needles! 

Over 9,000 Happy Customers Share Their Experiences

Hooks & Needles

Your Turn to Make an Impact NOW!

If you are inspired to start crocheting for a cause, remember, the right start is key!

Many beginners quit not because crocheting is hard, but because they don't have the right tools.

That's where the Hooks & Needles Box saved me. It's got everything a beginner needs, so you don't get stuck with confusing instructions and poor-quality materials. 

And what’s best? Currently, the company is offering a 15% discount to new subscribers.

Plus, you’ll join a community of 9k+ crafters who LOVE what they do.


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